When you think of your home, the electrical side of things is often overlooked. When nothing is wrong, why would you? However, if something does go wrong regarding the electrical in your home, there’s only one company you need to call. Our team is so knowledgeable that we often know what it’s going to look like behind the walls before we even get into them, even in historic homes. Panoramic Electric is the authority when it comes to residential electric in not just Traverse City, but all northern Michigan. We’ve been at it for over 20 years, and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

house with landscaping out front and solar panels on roof


Are you building a new house and need to have your house wired? Getting the electrical installed into your new home is a big milestone. We would love to be the one to help deliver that milestone to you. Our team of experts will work with you and your general contractor to make sure that the new installation on your house is seamless.

man working on 4 electrical breaker boxes


Ensuring that your family is safe in your home is one of our top priorities. At Panoramic Electric, we take the time necessary to inspect everything from your service panel to the inside your walls. We’ll then evaluate your situation, to make recommendations on what we see fit. This can cover any and everything as complicated as rewiring your whole house, or something as simple as which electrical products would be the best upgrade, like light fixtures, outlets, and switches.

florescent lightbulb with electrical wiring


Tired of expensive energy bills? Well, maybe it’s time to take a look at the energy efficiency of your home. Contact the team at Panoramic Electric and let our knowledgeable staff help you transition to a more efficient household. We will make recommendations on what products to switch to help lower your monthly bill.

florescent lightbulb