Backup Power

Summer and winter storms are unavoidable in northern Michigan. You want to make sure that you’re covered when they hit, and the power goes out. Panoramic Electric is a licensed and certified installer of Generac generators. Generac generators are the number one selling brand of home backup generators. They automatically kick on when your power goes out. Panoramic and Generac offer a few different warranty options, and our team will work with you to decide what best fits your needs. The best time to buy a generator isn’t when the power goes out - it’s before. Be prepared with a Generac generator from Panoramic Electric.


Having the power go out in your office, building, shop, etc. will derail the day’s productivity. Living in northern Michigan, the power is bound to go out at some point. Be prepared for when it does. Generac generators commercial generator line, offers a number of options. We will sit down and discuss exactly what you would need in case of an emergency, and then help you decide which will work best. Having the power go out can is not only an inconvenience for productivity sake, but it can also have an impact on your bottom line. Be prepared for when the power does go out with help from the team at Panoramic Electric.

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Not many things are worse than having the power go out at your house, especially in the winter. Our Generac generators will kick on the second power goes out. Additionally, they run on natural gas which means that you’ll no longer have to keep gas around for your generator. Also, that means you’ll sleep better at night knowing that if the power goes out, your family will stay warm and safe. Your security system or lifesaving medical devices can remain on.

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