Solar And Off Grid

Residential & Commercial

Reliable and Efficient Solar

There’s no denying the upward trend in renewable energy, and you’ll find no other electric company in northern Michigan that knows solar energy like Panoramic Electric. Solar energy is great for both homeowners and business owners alike. Using the top of the line solar technology, our team of experts will educate you on everything solar, to help you make the most informed decision you can. We stand by our work, even long after the panels have been installed and the job has been completed. We know that you’ll not only love our work when we’re finished but most of all you’ll love the extra money in your pocket each month from your solar savings.

commercial solar panels in downtown setting

Off-Grid Power

New Installs, Updates, and Repairs

It's becoming harder to find qualified professionals to install quality off-grid systems and update aging systems. Panoramic only has certified electricians with a wealth of experience to perform these installs and upgrades.

Our intimate knowledge of these systems allows us to use techniques that improve efficiency rather than shortcuts that “lower the cost.” This is another area where it doesn't cost that much more to do things the right way.

We also take the time to educate a client about their system, because off-grid living requires more participation than a back-feed to grid solar project. We genuinely care that clients have a successful outcome that meets their expectations.

Off-grid power repair and improvement